Infinite-R™ for Commercial Applications

Infinite R™ is the highest performing, lowest cost phase change material available for easy building integration and MASSIVE benefits… literally!

Reduced Energy Costs & Demand Charge Costs!

Installing Infinite R™ in strategic locations within your factory, commercial building, agricultural facility, school or any other application has significant benefits.

  • Infinite R™ naturally absorbs and releases energy gains and losses to stabilize temperature swings inside your building, and provide huge comfort and energy savings benefits.
  • On the coldest days, the building heating system is working a fraction of what it used to. And on the hottest days, the cooling system is either not even turned on or running way below peak load.

All this translates into significant energy savings, better climate control, reduced carbon emissions and huge drops in demand charges.


Ceilings & Attics

Roof Systems

Office Buildings

Above Suspended Ceilings
During Roofing Replacement
Interior/Exterior Walls
Data/Server Rooms
New Construction & Renovation

Apartment Buildings

Suspended Ceilings
Attic Areas
Interior/Exterior Walls
Roof Replacements
New Construction & Renovation


Stabilize Root Temps
Store Excess Greenhouse Heat
Use as Bulk Thermal Storage
Year Round Agriculture
Higher Yields
Increased Resilience


Classroom & Office Suspended Ceilings
Roof Systems
Interior & Exterior Walls
Vocation Departments
Gymnasiums & Cafeteria


Manage Sharp Temperature Differences
Workout Rooms & Yoga Rooms
Weights Rooms
Gymnasium & Basketball Courts
Indoor Pools


Reduced Evaporative Losses
Better Natatorium Management
Store Pool Heat Loss
Interior Ceilings & Walls
Roof Replacement
Within Pool Walls & Floor


Interior Walls & Ceilings
Strategic Thermal Storage
Absorb process energy
Release overnight & off-shift
Stabilize Internal Temps
Increase Worker Comfort


Keep Product at Ideal Temps
Manage Heat Loss from Loading Docks
Underside of Ceilings
Perfect for Metal Buildings

Lower Cold Storage & Heated Storage Costs


Fire Station Truck Bays & Living Quarters
Public Works Buildings
Town Halls & Offices
Police Stations & Training Centers
Water & Wastewater


Special Use Buildings
Aviation Hangars
Mobile Living & Medical Buildings
Interior & Exterior Walls
Roof Replacements


Airline Hangars
Airports & Terminals
Reduced Stratification
Manage Large Heat Loss & Gains
Interior & Exterior Walls & Ceilings
New Roofs


Manage High Internal Heat Gains
Reduced Kitchen Energy Costs
Finely Tuned Temp Management
Store Different Temps for Different Spaces
Reduced Walk-In Cooler Costs


Reduce Un-Occupied Energy Costs
Perfect Meeting & Function Space Comfort
Interior & Exterior Walls & Ceilings
New Roofs
New Construction


Lab Spaces
Athletic Centers
Office & Lecture Rm Ceilings
New Construction & Retrofit
Interior & Exterior Walls/Ceilings
New Roofs

Crop Storage

Increased temperature control
Reduced Losses
Lower Ventilation Costs
Interior Walls & Ceilings
Combined With Solar Heating

Crop Drying

High Temp Storage Temps
Reduced Ventilation Costs
Use with Solar Ventilation Heating
Heat Recovery Savings
Internal Walls & Ceilings