What is Phase Change Material?

Think of your home like a drink cooler… 

If you wanted to keep the temperature inside a cooler ideal for drinks, why would you use a heating and cooling system to do this when you could use ICE (aka Phase Change Material)? Yet this is exactly what we do with our buildings.

Infinite R™ is a building product that behaves as a Phase Change Material (PCM) designed to freeze and thaw at the exact temperature you want, to keep your living and working spaces closer to target temperature without the use of conventional energy sources.

When your home or space gets hot (from solar gain, occupants, cooking, partying etc), Infinite R™ absorbs unwanted heat as the material inside it’s cells begin to melt. Later when the temperatures get cooler, Infinite R™ released that heat as it begins to freeze (at night) – all the while maintaining the space at a comfortable target temperature.

Inside Walls

Fast Easy Installation

Phase Change is installed between the insulation and drywall. It can be used as vapor barrier if req'd.

Under Floors

Amazing Radiant Comfort

Infinite R™ works to both drive the heat up toward the living space (foil liner) and stores up to 100btu's/sf to cut energy consumption

Above Ceilings & Attics

KEEP Warmth & STOP Heat.

Infinite R™ works to both drive the heat up toward the living space (foil liner) and stores up to 100btu's/sf to cut energy consumption

Garages, Camps, Basements

Comfortable Bonus Spaces

Phase Change Materials under floor or ceilings

New Construction

Because of Infinite-R™’s performance, it can be used within the construction of new homes and buildings to cut energy costs by up to 40% or more. The use of Infinite-R™ ensures comfort, resilience and energy savings.

The size, complexity and cost of HVAC systems can be reduced as a result of using Infinite-R™

Phase Change Materials (PCMs) have long been considered an essential ingredient to any Net Zero or Passive House project. In fact, it’s been shown that the use of phase change materials within a 4″ to 6″ fiberglass wall can out-perform even the most comprehensive wall systems without PCM. Contact us to design Infinite-R™ into your next project in one of the following ways

  • Interior & Exterior Walls
  • Attics
  • Flooring Systems
  • Basement Walls & Ceilings
  • Trombe Walls
  • Strategic Storage Areas


Installing Infinite-R™ in retrofit applications can be fast and easy. Our extensive design and sales team can help you figure out the best ways to save energy, and take control of your comfort immediately.

Using Phase Change Materials (PCM) helps establish resilience to high energy costs, power outages (very long periods without significant temperature loss) and the variabilities of foreign energy costs. More importantly, you will notice an immediate boost in comfort as Infinite-R™ works to cool your home in summer, and heat it in winter.

Talk with our design and sales team about using Infinite-R™ within your

  • Attic
  • New Roof
  • Basement
  • Knee Walls & Crawl Spaces
  • Closets
  • Strategic Storage Locations

Phase Change Design Temperatures

Infinite-R™ can be provided in whatever temperature range you require for your specific application, however by clicking on the map below, you’ll learn what typical temperatures are used and in what applications for your climate

Attic Design Details

Attic – Between Rafters

Installing Infinite-R™ on the underside of rafters is an “all-weather” strategy that is a fantastic solution for any climate. When […]

Attic: Hot Climate

If your location is a warm climate where winter months rarely go below freezing temperatures, then the warm climate attic […]

Attics: Cold Climate

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Wall Design Details

Roof Design Details