Global Leader in Thermal Energy Storage

We are proud to be the world’s source for the most advanced PHASE CHANGE MATERIAL technology developed for the building industry


Infinite R™ is a phase change building material that stores energy when you don’t need it, releasing it when you do.

It works the same as ice inside a cooler, slowly melting or thawing to maintain a target temperature using the process of phase change. It drastically increases the resiliency of buildings and communities, slashes energy costs by as much as half and increases the capacity for a more comfortable world.

Using Infinite R™ for new energy capacity is equivalent to:

Energy per square foot
Concrete Mass per Square Foot
LESS $ to develop than Solar Power
LESS $ to develop than Biomass
LESS $ to develop than Nat Gas

100% Natural, Non-Toxic & Fire Proof!

Infinite-R™ has cracked the code of long life salt hydrate phase change materials. Our product is made using mineral based raw materials such as salts, clay and water. It is non-toxic, made from naturally occurring raw materials, requires no fossil fuel energy to grow or generate, and best of all is Class A Plenum Fire rated without the need for any flame retardants.

It’s all about “Capacity”…

  • Up to 100 btu’s of Energy Storage per Square Foot

  • 314 Watts of Energy per Square Meter


    • 65ºF (18ºC)

    • 71ºF (21ºC)

    • 73ºF (22ºC)

    • 78ºF (25ºC)

    • 84ºF (28ºC)

And that’s just the beginning… Infinite R™ has even greater benefits

  • Class A Fire Rating

  • 16″ or 24″ wide | 48″ long or cut to custom length

  • Can be Exposed or Enclosed

  • Lowest cost – Highest Output

  • 8 Years of Real World testing without decreased performance.

  • Perfect for trombe wall and passive solar applications

  • Made in USA

  • Meets and Exceeds any Project Specification

  • Installs quickly and easily

  • Every sale of Infinite R™ funds energy storage for those really in need

How to Buy

Infinite R™ is available from Insolcorp and our dealers, shipped to your location anywhere in the world. For project support, check out our helpful design and LEARNING section, and SIGN UP to our learning lab to get phase change ideas, case studies, savings data, design details, Q&A, webinars and more, shipped straight to your inbox. No spammy stuff – just juicy ideas to help you with your projects.