If your location is a cold climate where winter months frequently experience sub-freezing temperatures, then the cold climate attic installation is a perfect method of using Infinite R™ as a thermal battery to store otherwise lost heat before it leaves your building.

In summer months, the PCM placement helps shield the building from excessive heat gains from high attic temperatures that drive heat into the building from the top down.

One of the greatest issues with cold climate buildings is uneven temperature distribution from room to room, and specific spaces within a building. A perfect example is a room with high solar gain that is on the same heating zone as a room with no solar gain. The room with plenty of sun always feels hot because the room with no solar gain has the thermostat (to be sure it’s never too cold). So both occupants are constantly fighting each other for their optimal temperature.

Infinite R™ as a thermal battery within the attic system (under the insulation) removes excess heat from the room with solar gain and helps distribute that heat to the space with very little solar gain.

Everyone is comfortable and in control!