If your location is a warm climate where winter months rarely go below freezing temperatures, then the warm climate attic installation is a perfect method of using Infinite R™ as a thermal barrier to combat the harsh high temperatures that are gained within the roof system, eventually penetrating the living space below.

In summer months, the PCM placement helps shield the building from excessive heat gains from high attic temperatures that drive heat into the building from the top down.

One of the greatest issues with warm/hot climate buildings is the significant temperature swings which take place in the warmer months when the sun is beating down on the roof system. As the rising sun hits the roof system, temperatures spike and the air conditioning system quickly runs into over-drive. Particularly in buildings where ductwork is run through the attic (being super-heated be the high temps along the way).

Infinite R™ works as a thermal barrier within the attic system (above the insulation) and stores the very high temperatures in the attic to reduce overall attic temps, and significantly control the impact of high heat gains on the comfort of the spaces below.

Being located in this way, the PCM helps the attic and overall building respond as though it is literally living in a much more stable climate with very small temperature swings from day to day.