There are few better places to install Infinite R™ if your project is in a cold/freezing climate than at the interior walls.

When placed at the interior side of a wall assembly, Infinite R acts as like a thermal battery that is storing every ounce of energy that tries to escape or penetrate your building. In the winter months, the Infinite-R™ will store excess heat, and stabilize indoor temperatures. This works perfectly for buildings with centralized heating systems (lots of hot/cold spots) and homes using wood stove heating. The excess heat is then released in the overnight hours when temperatures drop and temperature setbacks require less heating. This not only saves energy overnight, but reduces a shock to the heating system in the morning when “occupied mode” kicks into gear.

For example, if a 72F degree Infinite-R™ were used in a climate with constant freezing temperatures,  then Infinite R™ will melt during the daytime as the sun helps warm the building, and as occupants add heat loads, and the HVAC system delivers heat resulting in hot/cold spots. As Infinite-R™ melts, it stores any excess heat above 72F, to keep the interior spaces perfectly even and comfortable for occupants. As the temperatures plummet outside overnight, the product will begin to freeze, releasing a constant 72F to the interior space until completely frozen. In effect, maintaining 72F inside the space for almost the entire night.

When the sun rises on the next day and occupant loads commence, the space temperature inside is already up to temperature, requiring very little additional HVAC heat (potentially after an entire night of zero heat consumption). The cycle commences all over again as the building warms up and Infinite-R™ begins melting and storing energy all over again.