Using Infinite-R™ phase change material during the installation of a new metal roof, or roof replacement with metal roof provides a unique opportunity to store significant amounts of energy, and protect the comfort and environmental impact of the home for decades.

This detail should also be used in combination and consideration of detail #1 for cold climate metal roofs.

Primarily, this detail is well suited to climates in mid-regions that experience fairly even heating and cooling loads comparatively. It is also a detail well suited to shaded roof areas in cold climates (where less conductive gains/losses will occur)

Infinite-R™ is placed within the roof system between the sheathing and the insulation system below the metal roof. The small layer of insulation helps to slow the drive of high heat gains in the summer, and heat loss in winter. The heat loss within the building and attic system is stored by the Infinite-R™ mats where it creates a stacking effect to store heat loss in winter months.

During summer, this detail acts as a thermal barrier to stop high heat gains from the exterior from penetrating the attic of living space below.

This detail is particularly well suited to cathedral ceilings with limited R-value and historic issues with overheating problems in summer.

With a higher PCM design temperature of say 78F, the PCM will transition in winter time under the building heat loss and solar gain. It will serve to cool the roof and attic beneath in the summertime due to the storage barrier created against higher temperatures.