Using Infinite-R™ during the installation of a new metal roof, or roof replacement with metal roof provides a unique opportunity to store significant amounts of energy, and protect the comfort and environmental impact of the home for decades.

By placing Infinite-R™ between the insulation system and the metal roof with an air gap between helps with two things;

#1 – Infinite-R™ acts as an exterior thermal storage barrier to effectively stop high heat gains and cause the building to behave as though it is standing in a climate with a very low delta-T swing (ie. 5 to 10 degree change (F) vs 40F to 100F.

#2 – The air gap between Infinite-R™ and the metal roof helps reduce the conductive transition form the metal to the phase change material (stopping accelerated transitioning) and provides a means of cooling the PCM during hot days (slowing transition) as well as aiding in the freezing process overnight.

With a higher PCM design temperature of say 84F, the PCM will transition in winter time under the higher solar temperatures, and will serve to cool the roof and attic beneath in the summertime due to the storage barrier created against higher temperatures.