Infinite-R™ for Commercial Applications

Infinite R™ is the highest performing, lowest cost phase change material available for easy building integration and MASSIVE benefits… literally!

Reduced Energy Costs & Demand Charge Costs!

Installing Infinite R™ in strategic locations within your factory, commercial building, agricultural facility, school or any other application has significant benefits.

  • Infinite R™ naturally absorbs and releases energy gains and losses to stabilize temperature swings inside your building, and provide huge comfort and energy savings benefits.
  • On the coldest days, the building heating system is working a fraction of what it used to. And on the hottest days, the cooling system is either not even turned on or running way below peak load.

All this translates into significant energy savings, better climate control, reduced carbon emissions and huge drops in demand charges.


By running ventilation (economizer) cooling overnight or in the early hours of the morning when possible or available, the building temperature is dropped using cool outside air. In climates that economizer operation is not possible, high COP cooling is often run for short periods at the cheapest and most efficient time of day to drop building temperature and freeze the PCM – ONLY if required.

Later in the day, as temperatures rise, HVAC efficiency is at it’s worst and electric rates and demand charges are the highest – the HVAC cooling can be set back for incremental periods or for the entire peak period to lower demand and consumption costs.


Our PCM works particularly well for winter savings in buildings with higher internal heat loads. As the building is occupied during the daytime for instance (schools, offices etc.), the natural heat gain from solar, HVAC cycling, people loads, machinery, computers, lighting and more is absorbed by the PCM. At night, by turning thermostats back, the PCM will release the heat it absorbed to save on heat cycles overnight and reduce early morning warm-up.