Energy Savings • Cool Employees • Reduced Storage Losses


With so much internal heat from machinery, high ceilings and solar gains from large expanses of roof, industrial manufacturing and warehouse spaces often represent impossible conditions for avoiding overheat, let alone managing comfort.

Our phase change material mats applied to the underside of roof deck will dramatically lower temperatures inside your building. How do we know? Because we’ve taken buildings over 105ºF in summer and dropped them by 20ºF or more with NO AIR CONDITIONING!

BOTTOM LINE RESULTS: More comfortable workplace, Less product losses due to overheat, Increased productivity and Less energy demand & consumption.

(1) We provide PCM perfectly suited to your facility 

(2) Different temperatures can be provided for different zones

(3) SUMMER – As temperatures increase, the PCM contained within each pouch will begin to melt creating a cooling effect.

(4) WINTER – As temperatures decrease, the PCM contained within each pouch will begin to freeze creating a heating effect.

BEFORE vs AFTER our PCM – A Mid-West Industrial Case Study

Class A Fire Rated

Made in USA from Sustainable & Plentiful Mineral Based Salt Hydrates


Harmless to Occupants

No Palm Oils or Organics = No Forest of Habitat Destruction

100% Safe – Class A Fire Rated