Project Description

Franklin Towers – Tarrytown, NY: Wind Vented Roof System

The Wind Vent System

Instead of expensive fasteners, glues or heavy ballasting materials to protect the roof against wind damage, a Wind Vent roof makes use of the pressures created by high winds. The use of vortex valves creates a pressure relief below the roof membrane, creating a suction pressure on the roof that corresponds with the imposing wind pressures. So the harder the wind blows, the stronger it resists!

With Infinite-R™ PCM embedded in the roof, the finished result is a high energy performance roof with an unrivaled 30 year warranty and 150 MPH wind warranty!

Temperature Performance

As the graph below shows, as surface temperatures shoot up over 90ºF on the roof on a warm day, the temperature just 0.5

Project Description:

In the Summer/Fall of 2016, the Tarrytown Public Housing Authority were able to fix a long term, systemic problem of a roofing system that had reached long beyond end of life.

Instead of a complete tear-off and removal normally required by code for a saturated/wet roof, the Wind Vent/Infinite-R™ solution was employed to virtually eliminate landfill, lower the cost of the roof project and increase energy performance. The following scope of work was completed at 35% less cost than a conventional roofing solution involving mechanical fastened/glues down roof systems.

  •  Removal and disposal of the existing debris and loose material prior to installation of the new system.
  • All punctures, voids and seams repaired with new modified bitumen patching material to seal existing system and create air tight seal for the valve system to work properly
  • Furnish and install ERC 5/16” Separator Mat loose laid over the entire roof surface.
  • Furnish and install Infinite R Phase Change Insulation loose laid over the entire roof surface.
  • Furnish and install ½” Dendeck loose laid over the entire roof surface.
  • Furnish and install ERC 80 mil PVC roof membrane loose laid over the entire roof surface following manufacturer’s installation instructions. 
  • Furnish and install vents systematically placed per manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • All walls & curbs to receive new PVC flashings and termination bar along total rise wall conditions. All post that support hand rail system will receive new ERC PMMA liquid flashing.


Location: Tarrytown, NY

Install Date: 2016

Quantity of PCM: 12,000sf

Estimated Savings: 35% Lower Cost; $4,000 to $6,000 energy savings/yr

Investment Return: 4 yrs (PCM Only); 15 Yrs (Whole Roof)

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